Deconstructing an Ad – McDonald’s Choc Whirl Frappe

photo (7)The McDonald’s print advertisement is advertising a new item added their menu, a choc whirl frappe. The target audience of this advertisement is no one of a specific age group, but aimed at customers who are chocolate lovers. This ad may have been printed as a poster, in a magazine or on a bus-stop sign. The key elements used in this advertisement are colour, excitement, weasel words and branding.

The consistent brown colour of the advertisement helps reinforce that the product is chocolate flavoured. The brown also helps the large white words “drizzle” and “drool” to stand out and be the most salient features of the advertisement. The lighter shade of brown on the bottom half of the advertisement and the word “drool” are vectors which draw our attention to the perfect looking frappe, and then a bubble with information vital to the advertisement to be effective.

The text in the advertisement uses weasel words such as “masterpiece” and “decadent” to create excitement which attracts us to the product. “Freshly blended in 60 seconds” was put into a bubble to catch our attention and has also been written in the text again to create excitement. “60 seconds” sounds quicker than if you said “freshly blended in one minute” because seconds are quicker than minutes, tricking the audience into thinking that 60 seconds is faster than one minute. This links back to the product as being quick and delicious which persuades the target audience that the product is good quality. This is effective in attracting the target audience and also pulls in the impatient ones.

The golden arches McDonald’s logo has been placed in the bottom corner with the slogan “I’m lovin’ it” placed below it. This logo and slogan is highly recognised among people. This helps to promote the product because it is linked to a trusted, popular company; therefore the target audience has more confidence in the product and is more likely to buy it.

Overall, this was an effective advertisement produced by McDonald’s which appeals to the chocolate loving target audience. The use of the brown colour reinforces what the product is.  The positive connotations that this company has with previous products makes it a successful advertisement that people will trust, with the help of some weasel words and excitement.

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