Deconstructing An Advertisement: Star Wars Unleash Anger


This print advertisement is aimed at teenagers and is distributed by the publishers of the Star Wars:Force Unleashed 2, in the hope that by putting this in magazines and in newspapers it would spread the news about the games pending release. That way fans of the original game could start saving for it and purchase it when it comes out.The main advertising techniques used within this print advertisement include colour, next step and hooks and special effects.

The colours used include blue for the colouring of most of the surrounding areas and grey for the bounty hunters costume as well as little splashes of red,green and blue for decoration of his costume. Using grey for his costume and not blue makes him the most obvious and salient feature within the picture which then, after looking at the bounty hunter, draws your eyes to the text “Unleash Anger.” This is effective as it then makes you think about star wars and the “Force” from Star Wars.

The next technique used within the print advertisement next step. By giving the readers the title of the game but supplying very little information, this creates a hook as well as using the next step technique to make us want to research the game and, through searching for it, find the home page where they supply all the amazing and great facts about the game which then makes us want to buy it or nag our parents into purchasing it for us.

The technique of special effects makes the image seem amazing and out of this world which leads people to believe that this image is just a still taken from the gameplay of the game. “If this image is so good, imagine how good the game must be,” is what they are trying to lead the children to believe to make them want to purchase it. They are also aiming to make it look amazing to try and convince the adults that it looks good for their children.

In conclusion, this advertisement is aimed at teenagers and is distributed by the publishers of the game and would be printed within a magazine or newspaper. Effects used within it also include colour, next step and hooks and special effects. Overall, it is a convincing advertisement but it could be made better by providing a little bit more information.

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