Deconstructing an ad- Killer Queen perfume

The Killer Queen advertisement has a target audience of young to middle aged women. It is advertising a perfume. This advertisement could have been printed in magazines, newspapers, brochures, bus stop signs and the images can be altered to make it a billboard. The key elements used in this advertisement is star power, scale, band wagon, colour and ‘are you cool enough?’

Star power is used in this ad effectively as it features Katy Perry, one of the most famous faces on the planet at the moment. They have altered her to give the impression she is powerful and royal. This is designed to give you the feeling of empowerment if you wear this perfume.

Another element used in this ad is scale. The product is placed in the foreground which enables the advertisers to show the product at a much bigger size – relative to Katy Perry who sits in the background. To show the 50ml bottle to scale would be ineffective as you would not be able to see it from a distance and you would not understand immediately what Kay Perry is trying to sell. This would defeat the purpose of the ad.

Band wagon is another element that sells this product well. Katy Perry is inviting you to “Own the throne”. She wants you to join her in wearing this fragrance. It is good enough for Katy, so you should have it too.

Colour is a compelling element in this ad. The background is a mix of grey and gold which makes her red outfit stand out. Your eyes are automatically drawn to her body and the perfume. Katy’s outfit is a strong reflection of the perfume bottle. Her crown represents the lid of the bottle, her dress is the colour in the bottle and her hair is the outline and shadowing on the bottle.

Perhaps the most important element in this advertising is the ‘are you cool enough?’ factor. The advertisers want you to believe that wearing this perfume can make you a “Killer Queen” that smells like ‘royalty’ and stands out from the crowd. Her fame and her status in the advertisement is powerful and with this perfume you could be as well. This ad is definitely designed to question whether you are cool enough for the product.

In conclusion, this ad correctly uses the elements of star power, scale, band wagon, colour and ‘are you cool enough?’ to get the attention wanted from their target audience young to middle aged women. These elements combined makes the audience want to buy the product which means the advertisement works well.

3 thoughts on “Deconstructing an ad- Killer Queen perfume

  1. You have deconstructed this ad really well. I liked how you picked up little details in this ad and the language you use. You should have said a bit more detail about why everything works but over all a great effort 😉

  2. Hi Mickey, well done. This is a really well-structured piece. I would suggest that Katy Perry brand perfume, though, is for a young female audience, rather than mid-aged. Be careful with the techniques you use. Star power, bandwagon and “are you cool enough?” are all pretty much the same thing. Focus instead on elements of graphics, layout and language, and comment on those other types of techniques under these banners. When you analyse the slogan “own the throne” you can talk about the effectiveness of the rhyme in helping us to remember the product. You can talk about the name of the product, too. “Killer Queen” is symbolic of power. She has toppled the king – his crown is on the floor – she is a symbol of female power, and when you wear this perfume, you will be a powerful female, too. In the second last paragraph, I wouldn’t call this “are you cool enough?” – to me, that’s not really a great technique to talk about. Instead talk about the symbolism of power that I have discussed above. Red is a colour of passion and power, so the red, the powerful woman, and her positioning over a fallen throne and crown all convey this. This is a great start, and the basis of a very strong deconstruction with consideration for some of these elements of symbolism.

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