When the Darkness comes

Journal Entry #3

It starts small. It sings through your sunless soul, with the persistent sound of silence. It savours the shadows, spinning and slithering, becoming the sick, sadistic stuff that savours the place once upon a time called safe. It has no Sabbath, takes no sabbaticals, but continues to be a saboteur until it sails swiftly through, never satisfied. It slashes scars while holding a saucer of salt, hurls stick and stones to break your now shattered bones, until all that’s left is scorched skin and senseless soul, surrounded in a swirl of starless sorrow.

Then it moves. It manoeuvres the magic of your mind and manifests into a mountain of misery and murder. It maintains a makeup of malicious manner, mobilising its mace of mania to mangle your once mighty heart, which was marooned by your maternal matter, leaving only your mentality of a mad darkness. It motions to meddle your meek moods, its malevolent mind molests your maze of meditation, manufacturing a megaphone to mock the monstrosity of the massacre that has materialised with the mundane minds of the multitude. It moves you to become a monster and a martyr and a murderer, muttering for you to meet your match of mortality until you are going, going, gone.

When the darkness comes, with all its demons and damnation, it deactivates and deconstructs the deep defence of your demeanour. The darkness has already planned your demise, demanding you become delirious, defying your degree of mentality to demerit your denomination and delivers you the death of denial. In the dusk and the dawn, the darkness continues to daunt the daring, darkening the delicate, delightful for the despicable. The decay of daylight defies all the lights laws, defiant to the decency of dignity. The darkness, it deceives, it delivers delirium and delusions, it gives no difference to life and death. So in the descent of the darkest hour, Engage. Empower. Believe. Because your discretion won’t delay the darkness, and neither will the deafening ding-dong of death on your doorstep. Your power is delved in your own dazzling diamond of a development in your soul. So use it. The darkness won’t disintegrate, but maybe, just maybe, with the defining definition of light, it can be dealt a rather durable discipline to define that when the darkness comes, we will be waiting.

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