Lockie Leonard Scumbuster

Over recent days, my class an I have been reading a script for the play Lockie Leonard Scumbuster. The play has been adapted from the novel that was written by Tim Winton.

The book is about a teenager named Lockie Leonard who loves surfing. He also has a friend called Egg (Geoff Eggleston). One day, Lockie is walking in the harbour of his town and realises the town is full of rubbish and stinks. He finds out that two factories are pumping out their waste into the harbour. Lockie then decides its time to make a stand and save the harbour.

There is humour mixed with an environmental message to make the book fun. Lockie and his friends use a lot of slang and Egg even has his own language. Lockie is a surfer who loves the waves and his friend Egg is a metal head who likes heavy metal. Lockie has also experienced girl trouble and feels down when people remind him.

When Egg and Lockie agree to save the harbour, they ultimately start an environmental campaign. They start off by sending leaflets to everyone post boxes to invite them to a meeting. Lockie sets up the meeting but nobody attends. He is very frustrated and quits the campaign. Later on, Lockie then finds out that the campaign has started up again but the adults have taken over. He then gets everyone to start a protest and see what the mayor can do about it. The mayor is not interested about the campaign because he owns the companies making all the pollution. As things start to go downhill for Lockie, he decides to go to a last resort plan. Egg, Lockie and Egg’s mum (Ms Eggleston) go up to the pipe and weld it shut stopping the waste from going into the harbour.

This may seem like a good approach to stop the pollution but it is also illegal. Because the pipe was shut, this caused the factories to shut down because the waste was coming back in. If this approach was taken in real life, it would be an offence.

Lockie Leonard Scumbuster is a great book to read and I would recommend it for any reader. It has a lot of humour but also sends an environmental message across to the reader. Great read!

One thought on “Lockie Leonard Scumbuster

  1. A well-written review. Clearly structured, with a summary of the plot, and a recommendation. I enjoyed your discussion of the humour and slang. Try to avoid telling review readers the whole plot – they might get cranky. 😉

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