Nuclear energy: Friend or Foe?

Over the past years, we have been able to harness the power of nuclear energy. Although this is useful, nuclear power also has the ability to destroy life.

As we know, nuclear energy can be used as a power source. in power plants, it emits radiation as heat to create steam in the water and turns the turbines to create electricity. But Nuclear energy has a dark side.

In March this year, an earthquake hit the coastal town of Fukushima, damaging a nuclear power plant. The reactor was shut down but a large amount of radiation has leaked into the town. Many people were evacuated from the site and now, it is not a habitable area. But many animals have not left the area as they do not know what has happened.

Radiation is silent but deadly. It can not be detected by humans and if entered into the human body, it will have long-lasting effects. Radiation kills the cells in the body and can lead to cancer. Because the radiation spreads everywhere, it goes into natural habitats and is absorbed by the ground or other natural features. When the animals go to eat the food or other things, the radiation gets passed on to the animals. Because this has a long- lasting effect, this leads to death or deformities.

After it has been used up, nuclear energy has to be thrown away. Many of it is put into containers and buried or thrown out into the sea. This also hurts the wildlife in the areas.

Nuclear power is a useful source of energy but it can also do a lot of damage so we have to think to ourselves; Is nuclear energy a friend or foe?

2 thoughts on “Nuclear energy: Friend or Foe?

  1. Our first post on nuclear power and its dangers – well done. You cover the benefits of nuclear energy, as well as the many risks involved when radiation leaks occur. I would have liked to see your own personal perspective come through more powerfully – do you think it is friend or foe? Also, please provide a link to the article to which you are responding in this post. Overall, a well-written first blog post – clearly structured and logical.

  2. i agree nuclear power is helpfull but it is destructive way to many lives have been lost because of it i think we should wait till we are ready to controll it better to use it

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