It’s Lockie Leonard Scumbuster Mate: Lockie Leonard Scumbuster Review

G’day mate! I’m gonna be reviewing dis here play ‘Lockie Leonard Scumbuster‘ for ya.

Did you like that intro? Well then you’re going to love this play it’s full of that kind of Aussie slang. Lockie Leonard Scumbuster is a very different kind of play to most, it’s extremely informal using great amounts of Aussie slang and various swear words such as ‘dickhead’. The informality of this play is great as it easily attracts its targeted audience of teenagers.  I mean if you were a teenager would you pick some boring old ‘formal’ thing or an awesome, rebellious slang book? Well, guess what mate – you’d pick da awesome one!

Another awesome thing about this play is once you get past the informality of it there are a few messages that this play teaches. Stuck wondering about all the things that can happen in a teenage relationship? Well ya don’t have ta no more. Lockie Leonard Scumbuster informs you about many of the things that go on in these complicated teenage relationships. This play also encourages teenagers to care for the environment and to stand up and speak up.  In the play Lockie and Egg (the main character and his best friend) were appalled at the condition of their harbor with all the rubbish and muck floating around in it. Instead of sitting around and doing nothing Lockie and Egg started campaigning against the muck and encouraging people to help clean up the mess.

One of the great things about this play is that it doesn’t bore you to death while it teaches you valuable messages but actually engages you by getting the message across in a different way.

All in all I think that this book is very good. It provides valuable messages yet at the same time this play is also very interesting. Lockie Leonard Scumbuster is also one of a kind because seriously how many plays or books do you read where the main character speaks mainly in Aussie slang? Not many.

I would highly recommend this book as it is both educational and fun to read.

2 thoughts on “It’s Lockie Leonard Scumbuster Mate: Lockie Leonard Scumbuster Review

  1. This is an engaging review. I am impressed by your creative use of Aussie slang to mirror the language from the play. Your analysis of the language and themes is insightful, and you use a very effective personal voice throughout. As it’s a play, always refer to it as a play, not as a book, and remember in Australia we spell it ‘harbour’. This is an excellent piece, Alex. Thank you.

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