Lockie and Egg on a Mission! (Lockie Leonard Scumbuster Review)

The play that my classmates and I have been studying for the past while is called Lockie Leonard Scumbuster. The play was adapted from the novel by Tim Winton and was written into a play by Gary Fry in 1993.  Wow! So many people took part in making this book a success.

Lockie Leonard Scumbuster is a decent, quick and fun book with humorous and enjoyable characters that stayed with me throughout the play. As I live in Australia, I enjoyed the use of Aussie slang as it felt that I witnessed the whole scene. I also enjoyed the whole environmental issue about how it is definitely not OK to live in a community that is polluted and smells on garbage. I disliked how the author didn’t make it clear on who the Blob was. It sounded as if it were an object, not a person. It turned out that the Blob was Lockie’s little sister. I would have never guessed that!

We could say that Lockie was the loneliest kid in town after his girlfriend, Vickie, dumped him and that his life looked bleak and miserable. Then, he met Egg, who is probably the weirdest human being he has ever met. They become friends when Egg helps him up off the sand after being hit by a wave. Lockie decides to save the town from pollution when he sees that the harbour is dirty and very polluted. Lockie falls in love AGAIN to a girl that is two years younger than he is and she can also surf better that he can.

Teenagers could learn heaps by reading the play. We can learn how relationships don’t turn out very well when you are young, as we don’t know much about the REAL world. We can also learn that it is all right to stand up for your community and care for the environment, no matter what it takes to prove your point. The characters in this play are definitely excellent role models to young teenagers as we could follow their footsteps, and maybe one day we could even save the planet.

After reading the play, I would recommend it to a young audience as it explores important aspects of life and they could also learn a thing or two about environmental issues or relationships, specifically pollution. Would I read it again? Sure. Why not? I would like to read it again so that I can get a better understanding of the storyline and get to know the characters in more detail. I believe that it is important to read through a book again (especially if you don’t understand it very well the first time you read through it) because you may not see it the same way as you did when you read it the first time. All in all, Lockie Leonard Scumbuster is a humorous and fun book aimed at children between 10 and 14.  I enjoyed the use of humour and the Aussie slang the most.

3 thoughts on “Lockie and Egg on a Mission! (Lockie Leonard Scumbuster Review)

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  2. This is an outstanding review. You establish a strong personal voice, and you maintain it throughout your post. You provide some information about the plot, but don’t spoil the story, which is great. You also touch on themes and language, and tell us what teenagers will get out of the play – you could even be inspired to make a difference yourself! An excellent piece.

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