Review – Lockie Leonard: Scumbuster

As the years go by, more and more conferences are held, more and more books are written, more and more movies are made, all about and based on one specific subject, the protection and restoration of the planet’s forests and mainly, the environment.

As this is stated, a perfect example of this is Lockie Leonard: Scumbuster. It is  a book which can, and does, accurately portray the urges of teenagers, and more widely, everyone, to try and save a part of their community which has been strongly affected by the pollution which has been, and is currently, being emitted by companies residing in their home town.

The play effectively portrays the urgency needed to try and clean up the environment before it is too late, before we have no say in what comes next. I would strongly recommend this play to both fellow peers and teenagers, to both raise awareness about the increasing problems about environmental issues but also for a little bit of enjoyment and relaxation.

I think that although being a well-written play based on an actual book, it could have used more humour and wit, making it more appealing and interesting to both children, teenagers and adults and harder to put down.

Overall, it was a good book but, granted, it could have been so much better considering how much of a great play it could have been considering how much of a great character Lockie is as well as if they had made the book less bland and made it more zesty and full of life.

2 thoughts on “Review – Lockie Leonard: Scumbuster

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  2. I was drawn in by your introduction – effective use of repetition leading into the idea of the environment. Just be careful you don’t contradict yourself: you label the play perfect, and then suggest that it could have been better. It’s great that you liked the character of Lockie, and the environmental message, but how could it have been more zesty and full of life? A well-written first review – effective use of sophisticated language.

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