Lockie Leonard: Scumbuster

The play Lockie Leonard: Scumbuster, which was based on the novel by Tim Winton, in my opinion, passes as a satisfactory play. Even though the play does have an important message about the environment, I believe that something was missing in the book; possibly more humor to keep the reader interested, otherwise the reader—like I did—will lose interest and not want to finish reading the book.

The play effectively conveyed the message about the need to clean up the environment by trying to stop the air from being polluted and smelling like garbage. In the end, after the community protested about this problem, Lockie rowed out to the pipe where the polluted air was being emitted and blocked it with a large covering which forced the pollution being emitted to drift back into the factory. This forced the company to clean up their act and they realised what they were doing to the environment. This was a smart idea and I believe they had the right to do this because it was probably the only possible way they could have stopped the pollution and save everyone’s health and the environment.

I would recommend this play to teens, only to raise the awareness of environmental issues which are very important and it also explores some other aspects of life such as relationships.  The characters in the play are great role models as they can teach readers that by standing up for yourself and your own beliefs, you can achieve what’s best for everyone.

2 thoughts on “Lockie Leonard: Scumbuster

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  2. A concise, but considered, review, which represents your view clearly: the play is useful as an environmental message, but not so great as entertainment for teens. Fair enough. I thought the play was pretty funny, but I guess that might be because I’m old… I think a lot of the language and jokes may be a bit dated, since the original novel was published twenty years ago. Remember in Australia “humour” is spelt with a “u”. Thanks for another well-written blog post.

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