Sarin But Deadly


Over the past few months, the news has informed the world of one of our greatest environmental issues, ‘Chemical warfare’. We are well aware that sometimes people cannot resolve problems peacefully and resort to war. A dangerous and evil approach that attacks people, destroys resources and damages our environment.

The one story that captured my full attention and compassion was the chemical warfare in Syria. In my opinion the barbarians who bombed this region have no heart beat! The chemical released not only killed loads of people but has also polluted the land, air, water and future generations. The area is now infected which has and will continue to destroy soil, animals, plants, crops and the development of it’s human inhabitants.Just to paint a picture of this heartbreaking and grave crime, inspectors found the ‘Nerve Agent Sarin’ used in this attack. Sarin is a weapon for mass destruction. It is a lethal nerve gas that kills in minutes. Even when there is very low concentrations, there is still major impact on human life. A cruel gas that suffocates internally, paralysing the living to death.

DEVASTATING!! INHUMANE!! One great big environmental mess. I don’t want to be misunderstood but all the other issues discussed to date are important but this is the cherry on the cake. What chance does our earth have when humans do this to each other? “Even peace may be purchased at too high a price” – Benjamin Franklin 

4 thoughts on “Sarin But Deadly

  1. It is interesting that you’re writing about chemical warfare as an environmental issue, as most people would probably be most concerned about its impact on human life, rather than the environment. Having read your post, and the article, there are serious environmental impacts of chemical warfare, that I haven’t really considered. We often think about how terrible this weapon is, but not its far-reaching consequences. It really is impossible to separate the human and the environmental, isn’t it? They are completely interconnected. Another thoughtful post.

  2. I like your article, it is very interesting and i agree with your point about what chance does our earth have when humans are doing such horrible things to themselves and the environment.

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