It Means Hope!


“It’s not an s. On my world it means hope.”
This very quote from the man himself makes him the premier superhero of all time. Not saying that he is one of the greats, nor saying how much more powerful he is in comparison to everyone else, but he believes to be a protector of many lives and providing a safe haven to all. Superman was born on Krypton and the symbol of his people is the well-known ‘s’ which we also know as the Superman’s logo/trademark, he says on our planet it is just a letter but on his it symbolises hope. In the movie “Man Of Steel” this is what his father tells him and also mentions that it is Superman’s duty to protect Earth because that was why he was sent there.

Superman is an alien, like I said before he is from the planet Krypton but was known by the name of Cal-El, he was the first natural born child on Krypton for several years. This is because on Krypton they believed you should have a role and so they decided they would create the future leaders with a soul purpose to live by, whether it be to fight and protect Krypton, to nurture all people etc. but Cal’s parents believed that the child should have the choice to be whatever they wanted to, so they bore a son but at the worst possible time. Krypton was in ruins and moments away from blasting out of existence so to save Cal, his father Jor-El created a space pod that shot Cal towards Earth.

Cal was raised on a farm by a lovely couple in Kansas and since then went by the name of Clark Kent. Growing up was tough as he was always different from the other kids and getting a job was no easier. Once settled down he worked as a journalist for the Daily Planet. Since then Superman has used Clark Kent as a cover for who he really is, but when Superman is needed he runs to a nearby telephone booth and rips his shirt off to reveal the ‘s’ of Superman in his blue & red costume.

Superman protects all with his super strength, x-ray vision, flight, freeze breath and super sight. Although he is considered to be so majestic on Earth. In my opinion, I believe that it’s important he does not forget who he once was and where he came from. Making himself well known with the symbol ‘s’ for hope on his planet, Krypton is an amazing achievement as most superheroes do not provide any detail of where they came from within their own symbol. Keeping in touch with his roots and following what his people thrive to achieve to help save the world is pretty amazing!!

One thought on “It Means Hope!

  1. I enjoyed your post. It is both factual, in providing considerable detail of Superman’s background, and personal, in expressing your opinions. The focus on the “S” as a symbol of hope was a particularly effective motif throughout this post. Some improvements: the sentence in paragraph one, beginning with “Not saying that he is…” doesn’t really make sense – it seems somewhat contradictory of the sentence before it. A proofread will also help you to end sentences where they need to be ended – at times you use commas where there should be full stops, for example at the start of paragraph two, the first sentence should be, “Superman is an alien.” and then begin a new paragraph. This is a well-considered post. Well done.

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