The “Man of Steel”


In the world of comics, anything can happen. Famous comics are usually the ones with superheroes in it. Many superheroes are different in their own way with their own abilities and powers. My favourite superhero, is Superman aka Clark Kent. You can tell he is a superhero from the name, and he is super!

The origin of superman is pretty sad. He was born on the planet Krypton. His actual dad was Jor-El and his mum was Martha. He was sent to Earth because Krypton was coming to an end. He was adopted by some farmers which raised him up to be the person he is today, but they didn’t give him the powers, it was some sort of key that gave him it. He didn’t get it for no reason, his dad gave it to him on purpose because General Zod was going to do some bad things with it (just like every other villain). As a kid he was always getting bullied by other kids, but even with the powers he had he didn’t use them against the bullies. His second mum taught to control himself on earth because the atmosphere didn’t make Clark very comfortable. His second dad also did good too, he taught Clark to not let the world know about his powers and that the world isn’t ready yet.

So what makes Superman so super? Well he has a ton of superpowers. Some are Super speed, this means he can travel faster than light. Super strength, you think hulk is strong well superman has the ability to move planets, WOW! Flight, this allows him to fly in the air to get to places faster. Invulnerability, can you believe that he survived from being exploded by a nuke and he even flew through a star. Vision, he has X-ray vision, heat vision, telescopic vision and microscopic vision. Hearing, superman can hear anything from very great distances. Super breath, this power might sound weird but he is capable of freezing things. Super ventriloquism, superman can throw his voice very great distances. Super hypnotism, he can make people forget incidents and obey his commands. Stamina, He can survive without food, water and others just as long as the yellow sun is providing him with the radiation. Healing factor just like wolverine and deadpool he can regenerate but really fast. And more!

Some enemies are Atlas, Atomic skull, Bizarro, Bloodsport, Brainiac, Bruno Manheim, Composite Superman, Conduit, Darkseid, Doomsday, Eradicator, Faora, General Zod, Gog, Hank Henshaw, Imperiex, Intergang, Jax-Ur, Kryptonite man, Lex Luthor, Livewire, Lobo, Metallo, Mongul, Morgan Edge, Mister Mxyzptik, Parasite, Phantom Zone, Prankster, Professor Hamilton, Silver Banshee, Solomon Grundy, Superboy Prime, Terraman, Titano, Toyman, Ultra-Humanite and Ultraman.

So just because you different to everyone else doesn’t mean you are not good. You can be like Superman!

4 thoughts on “The “Man of Steel”

  1. Nice post, it is very inspiring with the ending saying “you can be like Superman” it makes Superman into even more of a person to look up to then he already is, i love it! Also, it seems as though superman has gathered quite a collection of enemies :).

  2. So … much … enemies 😛 Good post and like Alex said the ending is inspiring and you sure know a lot about superman 🙂

  3. Great post. You really gave me an insight into the Man of Steel. You have made think twice about choosing my favourite superhero. Overall, this was a great post

  4. This is an engaging post. Your opening sentence was particularly effective. You structure your writing well, and outline some persuasive reasons as to why we can consider Superman to be the premier superhero. Some feedback on your writing: In the second sentence, it should read “The best comics are usually the ones with superheroes in THEM.” You’re talking “comics”, plural, so you need to use the plural “them”. You need to be more careful with your punctuation. Again in paragraph one, you need to say “My favourite superhero is Superman, aka Clark Kent.” I have moved the comma to the correct position. In the second paragraph you use commas where you should be using full stops and starting new sentences. “He didn’t get it for no reason. His dad gave it to him…” Just be careful with your punctuation – further proofreading will help you work out where full stops and commas are needed – read out loud for more effect. In the third paragraph where you list the superpowers, it would have been effective to make a bullet point list, as you discuss so many. Overall, this is an effective post. Good job!

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