Captain America


Captain America (or Steve Rogers) is one of my favourite superheroes and one of the best.

Although Steve Rogers, before the project: Rebirth was scrawny, small and weak, he still attempted to enlist in the army to serve in his country. He went through a rough child with his alcoholic father dying and his mother dying from pneumonia after graduating high school. In the start of the movie, as well as I assume the comics, Steve is portrayed to be more intelligent and brave than those who he is training with when invited to volunteer for Project: Rebirth, this is shown when a fake grenade is thrown in, Steve runs towards it and covers it with his body whereas his comrades run from it to hide. As well as when told to retrieve the flag from the pole, his comrade’s fight to climb it and after they quit, he walks up to it and removes the screws, causing the pole to fall to the ground and him grabbing the flag and being rewarded with a car ride back to camp.

After being chosen for Project: Rebirth, he was transformed into a ‘Super Soldier’. The process successfully altered his physical appearance from frail to maximum human efficiency, as well as enhanced strength and reflexes. He was at first used as a mascot, but seeing his potential, he was then used for battle.

During a battle against HYDRA and the struggle of Red Skull, Captain America was forced to submerge Red Skull’s jet into Antarctica to stop it from destroying other cities. During the submerging of the jet, Captain America was frozen within the ice for almost seventy years and was found, thawed and awoken by S.H.I.E.L.D.

And even though he was still adjusting with the times in the 21st century, Captain America continued to serve his country in battles, though not fully happy that he has missed seventy years of his lifetime. Luckily, the ice stopped him from aging.

This is why I believe Captain America is on the best superheroes there is. He didn’t need to have the strength or physical appearance to be more intelligent and brave, though having been injected with these ‘Super Soldier’ abilities, it further boosted these traits. He has been through a lot during the first half of his life and now he has to spend the rest of his life, adjusting to the 21st century with no relatives or friends from before the freeze. Kudos to you Capt!

3 thoughts on “Captain America

  1. You demonstrate a very thorough knowledge of Captain America, and your last sentence is great! There was a bit of retelling of the Captain America story, rather than picking out key points to prove why he’s the best. You shouldn’t say “I believe Captain America is one of my favourites” – say that he is your favourite. There are quite a few errors with sentence structure, punctuation and grammar. In paragraph two, you need a comma after weak and to continue the sentence, because you began the sentence with “Although”, so it must continue to create meaning. “As well” is two words, “I” always needs to be capitalised, and you should avoid using ie in any type of extended response (blog post, essay, narrative, etc.). Don’t start sentences with “Also” and “And”, and “a lot” is ALWAYS two words. A lot of proofreading to do here – there are a few spelling mistakes. To avoid these errors next time, a thorough proofread is needed, and try reading aloud for meaning and to punctuate correctly.

    • Thank you for your feedback! I have fixed the spelling and punctuation errors. I will try to do better with the proofreading my blogs and picking out the key points to improve.

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