#2- Can you hear me?

The storm raged on outside, the sky bellowing in rage over the event that had just occurred. The trees swung in perfect harmony as people ran for shelter. The surrounding houses had all their lights turned off, as the power lines had fallen on the gravel roads, Isaac wouldn’t say he felt “safe” per say, but at least he wasn’t drenched, or swept away like the numerous cars that were probably across town by now. The hospital was flooded with people, some with large pieces of wood sticking out of their limbs, others grazed head to toe from tripping over fallen branches on their way to the nearest shelter. They were all in pain, in some form or other, which he was used to, considering, you know, he was a doctor.

Isaac walked into his next patient’s room. She was so young, maybe 7 or 8, without a family surrounding her. This was odd, considering the hospital was usually asking people out of the room, not questioning the amount of people in it. He had strolled closer, to the girl, ready to ask what had happened to her, when she started screaming. At least, that’s what he thought was going on, because although she was in hysterics, no sound escaped her mouth. As he stepped closer, she thrashed about, trying to move out of his way, her mouth still hanging open. That’s when he saw it. In the midst of the deafening silence that strangled the room, he had completely forgotten to check the girl’s mouth. When he did, he was appalled to find something essential missing. Her tongue.

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