Out of the Cages: Animal Cruelty Campaign

Lately in class, we have been creating a campaign in order to raise awareness for the environment. My group and I have chosen animal cruelty because we believe animals are living things too and deserve respect just like humans. This issue is important to me because animals deserve a life free from abuse and pain.

My groups campaign is called, ‘Out of the cages into the wild’. We have chosen this name because our campaign is trying to help animals from being trapped in cages and releasing them into the wild. We would like our audience to understand what is really happening to animals in places like: zoos, circuses and science labs.

My group consists of three people; melovecookies2709, lilchrissy2000 and me (tennisfan101). Our group is working well but I believe we need to work slightly faster. The elements we are using for our campaign are a website, a video and a survey. We have the workload evenly by giving each person one task. We have agreed on everything together by using a voting system. We believe that this was a fair way to decide what wouldrework for the campaign and what things wouldn’t. As we only have three weeks remaining for this project I believe that my group and I must do more at home in order to complete this task on time.

So far, everything has worked well but if I could change one thing about the task I would’ve liked to have received the task earlier. This would’ve been better as I believe we could have more time to think about what we were going to do clearly. I have learnt lots about teamwork with my group and I enjoy this task as its not only educational but a fun task too.

2 thoughts on “Out of the Cages: Animal Cruelty Campaign

  1. You have chosen a worthy issue, and it sounds like your group is on task, working democratically and productively to ensure all elements of the task are completed. We still have a couple of weeks left, so make sure you have a plan of what you need to complete, by when. Thanks for the feedback about needing more time. Next time, I will give the task out at the start of the unit, so students can begin planning from an early stage. That is really valuable information. I’m glad you’re enjoying it! I am, too.

  2. Thank you for your feedback Ms Edwards 🙂 I will try and keep my group and I on time ready for the due date. Glad to hear that my feedback also helped in some way and i’m happy that its not only the students but also you enjoying it too!!

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